About Our Principal's Desk

From the Principal's Desk

Everybody knows the story of the rabbit and the tortoise. They had a race and being over confident, the rabbit fell asleep in the mid-way so the tortoise won. However, the story does not end there. The rabbit insisted on another race and this time the rabbit won easily. Then the tortoise set up a new race. He led the rabbit to a pond and they started a race. This time the tortoise swam to victory. Then they had a discussion. If both of them together set up a race, nobody can defeat them, in the pond the rabbit will be on top of the tortoise and on the land the tortoise will be on the top of the rabbit.

In this era, slow but steady does not win the race. We have to take the opportunity of modern technology to be fast enough as well as skilled to be successful.

Wishing you all the best!

Mousumi Saha