BATTLE OF MINDS ( A quiz competition at NATIONAL LEVEL)


National English School takes pride in its extremely talented students for taking a firm stand in the top 10 schools all over the country in a prestigious quiz contest named Battle of Minds. The competition was organised by the honourable Indian Army to commemorate 25th anniversary of Kargil victory. 

 Beating 32000 schools which had participated in the event, the students of National English School took a firm position for nomination and got selected for the Quarter Finals at the Six Commands. 

In the Quarter Finals Eastern Command at Suryadaya Auditorium, Fort Williams, Kolkata, the students of the institution made an outstanding score of 105 points resulting in 1st position in the whole Eastern Command. 

This grand victory paved their way from the quarter finals to the Semi Finals which was to be conducted in 101 HQ, Army Public School at Shillong, Meghalaya. 

After reaching Meghalaya on flight, the students of National English School scored 91 points and brilliantly gained 2nd position among a wide galaxy of wizards.

With such a startling performance, the students proved not only their excellence but also their high spirited zeal.


The students' magnificent performance took them all the way to Delhi for the National Finals at Zarawar Hall, Sam Manekshaw Centre in Dhola Kaun. 


After an extremely challenging and outstanding battle of minds, the students successfully secured their position in the top 10 schools all over the country. 

This great moment of victory and earned prestige is highly praiseworthy. The four contesting students and the accompanying teacher were honoured with  5 sets of tabs and a grand sum of money amounting to rupees two lakhs and ninety thousand for the participants as well as the institutions. 

It was not only a winning experience for the students in particular but also a matter of immense joy and glory for the academic institutions in general. It was an exemplary moment and an event to cherish and treasure perpetually.